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Phoenix Precision Machine has been leading the way in new machining capabilities and technological advances for many years. These advances have helped Phoenix to become the industry leader in quality and dependability on each and every task that is performed. Phoenix is a full service machine shop at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Phoenix has recently purchased a 1500KW generator which allows the facility to run each and every machine as well as supply enough power to each office. This generator will allow Phoenix to continually meet customers needs no matter the power situation. If a natural disaster hits and the rest of the gulf coast loses power Phoenix will continually be able to run without any adversity. Phoenix Precision Machine is continuously striving for excellence because each employee here at Phoenix understands that during the pursuit of excellence you will eventually pass up good as well as great along the way. This goal is often shown in the relentless and constant attention shown toward lowering our customer response time as well as delivering a product which is not only approved but is set on a different standard than any other company in this industry.
Phoenix Precision Machine